18.0.361 Release Notes (8/9)

:wave: Hello Builders! Wanted to share some updates to the platform!

πŸŽ‰ Added

  • Added Certificate Authority, Client Side Private Key, and Client Side Certificate options to the HTTP data operation and when connected accounts. For more information, see SSL Auth.

✨ Improved

  • HMAC crypto functions now take an optional 4th parameter that can specify the encoding of the input key/secret. Possible values for the encoding include Utf8 (default), Hex, and Base64. Whenever the inputEncoding parameter is specified, the encoding for the output must also be specified. For example, to get the HMAC_SHA256 hash of a message which uses Hex encoding, the expression would be HMAC_SHA256(message, hexKey, "Hex", "Hex"). Here, the 3rd parameter is the encoding of the output, and the 4th parameter is the encoding of the provided hexKey.

  • Improved Airscript static analysis across platform

πŸ›  Fixes & Updates

  • Allow variable options for checkbox lists
  • Improved token refresh handling when using custom tokens in custom integration

We're looking forward to seeing what you keep building in the Airkit studio, and thank you for being part of the Airkit Builder community.

Happy Building!