18.1.56 Release Notes (9/27)

:wave: Hello Builders! This release, we’ve got some small fixes and improvements, as well as one big new feature – the Airscript playground!

πŸŽ‰ Added

  • 🎊 Introducing the Airscript playground! 🎊 Now you can use https://studio.airkit.com/play/ as a sandbox environment to test out Airscript expressions. Give it a try – you don’t even have to be logged in!
  • PKCE option is now supported for Okta App Authentication
  • Custom domain property now parsable in SAML Metadata Files provided to Airkit, so SAML authentication can be properly used in an app with a custom domain

πŸ›  Fixes & Updates

  • Various error messages made more intuitive
  • Small improvements to the Scheduler Web Control, including:
    • Fixes to the refresh logic in the scheduler. It distinguishes the initial loading logic from general refresh logic.
    • Ensuring that after refreshing, the Scheduler remains on the selected day. Initially after refreshing slots, the date moved back to the first date.
    • Ensuring the slots refresh when capacity if filled up, and not just when there is an error when booking a slot.
  • Custom integrations better supported when importing applications

We're looking forward to seeing what you keep building in the Airkit studio, and thank you for being part of the Airkit Builder community.

Happy Building!