Creating a Radio Button List


Radio Buttons allow a user to only select one item from a list. Using radio buttons are useful when only one item can and should be selected. This guide will walk through how to add a radio button to a web page.

Adding the Radio Button List Control

With the Web Page selected in the tree, click on the '+' icon and add the Radio Button List Control to the web page. The Radio Button List control is located in the Repeater category. 


Configuring the Radio Cell

The Radio Button List Control comes preconfigured with a Radio Cell nested in the list. The Radio Cell is a container where additional controls can be added to further customize the radio button experience. In this example, the Radio Cell will contain a Radio Button control and a label to describe the item. 

With the RadioCell selected in the tree, click on the '+' icon and add the Radio Button Control.


Go to the inspector and under the property Style > Distribute Children change it to Stack Horizontal and make the arrangement to be Center Left.


Then add a Label control.


Click on the Label control in the tree and change the Text property to:


This will pass the data from the Radio Button List to reflect in the label. 


Adding a Web Page Variable

A variable is needed to store the value of the selected item from the radio button list. To add a variable, click on the web page in the tree, and click on the '+' icon in the inspector under Variables. Add a text variable type and call it selected.


Configuring the Radio Button List

Then, click on the Radio Button List in the tree and add a list of objects to the Data property under Data Binding

[ "Apples", "Bananas", "Oranges" ]

Then add item to the Value Text property. Next, add item = selected to the Selected property. And under Control Properties > Value, add the selected variable. The properties on the Radio Button list should look like this:


After completing these steps, the Radio Button list should be functioning and the item selected is stored in the selected variable!


This guide walked through how to manually create a radio button list. With Kitcloud, there is the Radio Button Cell Static template and the Radio Button Cell Dynamic template that will automatically create a radio button list for you in a separate web flow. These can be found in the Training Category of Kitcloud when you create a new Web Flow. 


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