Journey Events

Journey Events are globally available Events that can be initiated anywhere throughout a Journey. Typically, these are used to encapsulate meaningful, reusable Action Chains.  

For example, a "Reminder Message" Event might log a metric, initiate a reminder message Chat Bot, and schedule a follow up reminder for the next day. This Event can be triggered at any point in the Journey.

Here's how that "Reminder Message" Event might appear in the Journey Builder. Note that, unlike Activity Events, it is not tied to a single Activity: 


Working with Journey Events

Journey Events are created in the Journey Builder by clicking on the '+' icon to the right of the Journey Events branch, which is nested under the Journey section of the Tree. Once created, Journey Events can be edited in the Inspector. Clicking on the Actions tab opens the Action Builder; this is where you'll build out the Action Chain that you want to associate with your events. Under the General tab, you can also define variables that the Journey Event will expect as input, allowing you to build out general-purpose Action Chains that behave differently depending not only on user input but also when and how they are called within a Journey.

Journey Events are fired by the Run Event Action, which must be built out as part of a separate Action Chain.

Accessing Event Input

Information passed to a Journey Event as input can be accessed within the associated Action Chain by referencing:


For example, if a variable designated name is passed as input to a Journey Event, then to access its value within the downstream Action Chain, you would need to call on:

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