Standard Journey Data Standard Journey Data

Standard Journey Data

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Each journey has a set of standard pieces of data that are accessible to the builders. This device data includes timezone, browser dimensions, timezone, and more. Please refer to the table below.


Standard Journey Data




Scope Availability 

Additional Notes



Each of these give you the device height and width.

Web Only

These variables can be used with some airscript to dynamically 


Timezone of the users device

Web Only

This is useful to enable TCPA


Locale of the users device

Web Only

This provides you a sense of the users language. This can be helpful if you are building a localized experience.


The unique URL to the customer’s journey. 


You can include this in SMS to transfer your customer from SMS over to the Web Channel.


Phone Number of the user

Global (After Actor Configuration)



Phone Number of the user

Global (After Actor Configuration)

The unique Journey Identifier that Airkit assigns


This identifier (or a customer identifier) is necessary when creating App APIs


Additional Configuration Variables


In addition to the Standard Journey data, Theme variants and configuration properties are also available. Any of your theme variables can be accessed using the theme namespace. Configuration variables are available on the configuration namespace. Finally, custom profile variables and app specific configurations are available on profile. We recommend exploring these in Debugger to further see what data you have available. 

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