Navigate to Web Page Action Navigate to Web Page Action

Navigate to Web Page Action

Elliot Fiske Elliot Fiske


The Navigate To Web Page Action is used to move the user to a new Web Page. This Action can only move between Web Pages that are part of the same Web Flow. Web Pages can be created and managed in the Activity Builder.


Use Cases

  • Once the user has submitted their phone number, move to the next Web Page that asks for their email.
  • Any situation where the user can go backwards and forwards through a flow without losing the information they previously entered.

Action Properties

Web Flow To Go To

The Web Flow that will be displayed when this Action is executed.


If the destination Web Flow has any Variables in it, they can be optionally set with the given Airscript expression. To learn how to create Variables at the Web Flow scope level, read Variable Scopes.

Further Reading

To learn how to create Web Pages, as well as understand the difference between a Web Flow and a Web Page, read the documentation on Web Flows, which consist of arbitrarily many Web Pages.