Lesson 3: Building out an IVR Flow Lesson 3: Building out an IVR Flow

Lesson 3: Building out an IVR Flow

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Airkit’s Voice Bots allow you to build Interactive Voice Response (IVR) workflows. You can fully configure the decisions the user makes, the various prompts and messages played for the user, and configure actions that happen before or after each message is played. Unlike most traditional IVR systems, Airkit’s IVR menus are specifically designed to obtain information from the user directly resolve their issue or route them to the appropriate web canvas.

Getting Started


App Builder is the place to build out the IVR flow. Once inside App Builder, you can click on the plus button on the voice bots to create a new voice bot, then click the plus button again to add a decision menu. In the message box you can type out the greeting that will be played for the user.

Each subsequent branch will require a new decision menu.

Adding Options


Underneath the message there will be the decision options.

Clicking on the add button will be a new option. The dropdown on the option will direct what prompt to navigate to when correctly matching the users input. Clicking on a specific option will also open up the inspector on the right. From there, you can configure all the possible matches for the desired prompt. Any response from the user that correctly maps to one of these matches will trigger the specified option.

Additionally, A default response is configurable In the event that the user provides input that doesn’t match one of your options.



Before or after your message is played to the user, you can configure various different actions. One common flow is to send a message to the user in order to direct them to the web canvas by sending the user a message that contains a canvas link.

Check out our page on Action Builder to learn more about actions and what you can do with them.

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