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Airkit Flight School Training & Certification Curriculum

Welcome to Airkit Flight School. Our program offers courses from basic app-building to advanced scenarios like Airscript coding, APIs & Integrations, and Bots. Complete the 101 curriculum to get your first certification badge and unlock more advanced topics!


Become a Certified Airkit Builder

Complete the Airkit Flight School curriculum, then take our certification quizzes and exams to earn your badges and become a Certified Airkit Builder!


Resources for Airkit Flight School 101 

We want to make sure that you hit the ground running during Airkit Flight School 101! Here are two versions of app that you will build with your instructor during the session.  You can download these assets and upload them into your Airkit org today to make learning that much easier.

  • This is the starting version of the app.  
  • This is the completed version of the app.
If you would like the cool background used by the presenters on flight school, you can grab that asset here.
Looking forward to taking off together soon!

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