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Activity Builder

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Define your user interactions and effects of those actions


Activity Builder is where you define the specific user interactions, spanning from the conversational bots (Voice and Chat) to our Web Canvas. The journey interactions can be built utilizing the activity builders three main parts: the tree, the stage, and the inspector. This specifics of each piece of this UI will adapt for each channel type.


This is where you find the breakdown of different bots and canvas cards. The hierarchical view is broken down in the following manner:


  • Bots
    • Decision Menu
    • Variable Capture
    • Forward Call


  • Bots
    • Decision Menu
    • Variable Capture


  • Card
    • Card Views

Web Canvas


Here you can see a live preview of your card views. You’ll see exactly how your styling is being applied, along with how the content and components will look in different device sizes.


Bots allow you to build out conversational workflows. These workflows can capture user data, provide the user with quick responses to their inquiries, or help direct the user to the web canvas. By clicking on the + to the right of a channel you can see all the specific types of interactions you can build within your conversational bot.

Decision Menu

These bots captures a user's decision which affects which path the users journey will take within the workflow. For Voice bots, these decisions will be entered by the user on the number pad and tigger different paths. For Chat bots, the system will look for key words to be present in the response to trigger the different paths.

Variable Capture

A voice bot will allow you to capture dial tone input from the user pressing numbers on the dial pad. For chat bots, this will allow you to capture the users full response. Either way, you can store these as a variable for later use in your experience.

Forward Call

Provides an option to bridge the users phone call over to another phone number. This can be used to pass a phone call over to a priority line or redirect a call to a different department.


A group of card views, typically designed around a specific workflow. Card views can be specific, incremental steps in the workflows design. You may also design Cards for Modals, allowing you additional ways of displaying your content. Clicking on the + button will allow you to add additional Card Views.

Card View

A materialized set of components. You can add a wide range of components to the canvas. Each component comes along with different properties for you to configure. By clicking on the + button, you can see all the available components.


The stage’s view can be broken into the conversational bots and the web canvas.

Conversational Bots


This gives you access to type out your bots responses, which can include Airscript functions and the canvas url. If you’re configuring a decision menu, you’ll see additional options to direct what is the next step after a user decision.



Within the inspector you’ll be able to configure specific interactions. In the conversational bots, you’ll have access to the action builder, which will allow you to configure interactions before or after the bots response. You’ll also be able to define key words or dial tones to trigger conversational responses.


When interacting with Card Views, the inspector will allow you to configure various component properties, with some components additionally having access to the action builder.

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