Forward Call Control Forward Call Control

Forward Call Control

Ismaen Aboubakare Ismaen Aboubakare


The Forward Call is a component of the Voice Bot that allows calls to be forwarded to a specific phone number or SIP Address. By clicking on the ‘+’ sign next to the Voice Bot, the Forward Call control will be displayed as an option to build the Bot.




The box displays the message that the user will listen to from the Voice Bot. The message can include:


To add an existing Variable within the App.

Web Link

To direct the user to their App session.




In the General tab of the inspector section, the following parameters can be set:


If adding more than one phone number or SIP address, the control will dial the numbers all at the same time and connect to the first one that answers.

Phone number

To which number the call must be forwarded.

SIP Address

To which number or address over the Internet the call must be forwarded. 


To define where to save the control’s inputs.


To customize the voice reading the message. The voice can be changed in Theme Builder under the Voice Variant.



In the Actions tab of the inspector section, different actions can be set before and after the voice prompt is sent, as well as if there is no valid response.

Before Voice Prompt

The action chain that can be run before a chat prompt is sent. 

After Voice Prompt

The action chain that can be run after a chat prompt is sent. 

No Valid Response

The action chain can be run when the response is invalid.

Example 1: 

In this example, the user calls a Customer Service and on pressing 1, the call is forwarded to a representative. 



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