AK101: Study Guide AK101: Study Guide

AK101: Study Guide

Chandra Bergmann Chandra Bergmann

The contents of this document are part of Airkit 101 and are written assuming that you have already built your first app in Airkit (by going through the video tutorial, the written tutorial, or some combination thereof). Now comes the fun part: playing with and diving deeper into everything you discovered in the process.

This document outlines the contents of Airkit 101 and provides some links to more in-depth documentation that will help you gain a deeper understanding of the platform and get started building your own apps.

Airkit Studio Layout

When you first create an app, you'll be automatically taken to Journey Builder

In the Journey Builder, you can: 

To make a web app without the use of a Kitcloud Template:

  • Indicate that your Journey starts by clicking a link
  • Set the link to navigate to a Web Flow
  • Create a blank Web Flow to navigate to

To build or edit a Web Flow, navigate to Activity Builder

Activity Builder is where you can:

Web controls serve as small UI building blocks.

The appearance of each web control is highly customizable.

Web controls can be associated with Actions.

To store and structure data, use the Data Builder

The Data Builder is where you can define AirData App Objects

To use and modify data, use the Connection Builder

The Connection Builder is where you can: 


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