End Journey


The End Journey Action is used to end the current user's Journey. This action is mostly used to reset the state of a Chat Bot. It can also be used when a customer is finished with a Journey and shouldn't need to access it anymore.

If the End Journey Action isn't used, a Journey will expire after 30 days. This default can be changed from Settings, or modified dynamically with the Extend Journey Expiration Time Action.

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Use Cases

  • The user has reached the end of a Chat Bot flow, and their next text message should start the Chat Bot again from the beginning.
  • If the End Journey action isn't used, users will be able to resume a Web Flow Journey at any point by accessing the URL where they left off. If this isn't desirable, the End Journey action can be used to make sure the old Journey is not accessible.
    Note: This would be useful in a situation where the user should start a new Journey rather than use an old one.