18.1 Release Notes (9/13)

:wave: Hello Builders! Today, we released version 18.1 of Airkit, and that comes with one big new feature: Animations!

🎉 Added

  • Introducing custom Animations! Now it’s possible to animate a Web Control's transition from one state to another, through its styling properties. For a more details discussion on Animations, see Animations.
  • Alt+Drag to copy controls in Stage

  • When hovering over controls in the stage or tree, the control is synced to highlight on both areas.

🛠 Fixes & Updates

  • Fewer instances of loading spinners
  • Fixed linting errors for some crypto functions
  • Former Button Cell's 'pressed' and 'focused' status no longer available in current web controls. We’ve added these states to the Container control
  • Fixed bugs associated with migration from v17 to v18
  • Earlier versions the runtime accidentally included some internal properties in the event namespace, including $schema, id, and name. When an activity/activity group contained a variable with these names, it would be inaccessible without explicitly qualifying it (eg: using “name” instead of “”). Version 18.1 removes these extra properties and fixes the bug where “id” and “name” variables would be inaccessible.

We're looking forward to seeing what you keep building in the Airkit studio, and thank you for being part of the Airkit Builder community.

Happy Building!