The function DEGREES converts radians into degrees.

This function takes as single number as input. It parses that number as an angle in radians and returns another number: the equivalent angle in degrees. 


DEGREES(number) -> degrees



number (required, type: number)
A number specifying an angle in degrees.

Return Values

degrees (type: number)
The number of radians corresponding to the angle that was given in degrees.


The following example converts two radians into the equivalent number of degrees:

DEGREES(2) -> 114.59155902616465

As a unit, the radian is derived from the ratio of the arc length to the radius of a circle, and thus it often makes sense to express radians as multiples of pi. (Many "neat" angles are expressed nicely as multiples of pi – the quarter turn, 90°, is 0.5π radians, and a complete rotation, 360°, is 2π radians.) The following example converts 2π radians – expressed by multiplying two by the output of the PI function – into the equivalent number of degrees:

DEGREES(2*PI()) -> 360

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