Metric: Field

The Metric: Field Action is used to categorize other metrics created by the App. When a Metric: Field Action is triggered with a key, any future Metric events that occur in this session can be filtered by that key in the reporting dashboard. This can be used to analyze data from different customer segments.


In the reporting dashboard, data can then be grouped by these values:

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Use Cases

  • To compare customer satisfaction between customers that were referred by a friend versus customers that were acquired by an ad.
  • To measure how long customers spend in a session depending on how many days they have been a customer.
  • To try with some customers a new version of the app using A/B Testing. This Action could be used to compare statistics like Customer Satisfaction or Session Length between the different versions of the App.


Consider a case where there are two types of customers: type A and type B. The Metric Key "customer-segment" would have two possible Fields, "type-A" and "type-B".

Metric Key

The Metric Key is an attribute that describes a user. For instance, "customer-segment" or "days-since-purchase".


The Field defines the specific attribute that the current session will be categorized under. For instance, if the current session was with a type A customer, the Field value of "type-A" should be used with the Metric Key "customer-segment".

The Field can also be a number. For instance, if it has been 5 days since the current customer's last purchase, the Field value of 5 should be used with the Metric Key "days-since-purchase".


In this example, a Field is set up to measure the average feedback rating of customers who went through a Voice Bot Flow versus a Web Flow.


To see the report go to Console, select the app, and click on Manage App > View Report.