The SFTP Data Operation securely transfers a file to a remote resource. An SFTP resource is required and can be created in the Console.

Use Cases

  • Send a report to a remote server

Data Operation Properties


An SFTP data source with the correct username and password for the connection. To create an SFTP data source, see Creating SFTP Credentials.

File Asset

Expects type asset.

An Asset Data Type to be sent to the remote server.


Expects type text

The hostname or IP to connect to.


Expects type number.

The port on the remote server to connect to. The default for SFTP is 22. This is a number value.

Remote Path

Expects type text.

Where on the remote server to place the file.

Remote Filename

Expects type text.

The filename to name the file on the remote server. If none is provided, the same filename will be used.

Run Results

The returned object contains information about the SFTP operation. The object contains the following properties:

  • success: a boolean representing whether the operation was successful
  • message: a text message about the operation performed
  • debug: an object containing information about the upload experience
  • timing: object containing information about the time the operation took
  • paths: information about the file or files being uploaded
  • username: the SFTP username that performed the operation
  • successMessage: a more detailed message about the operation performed


Invalid Paths

If an operation fails because of an invalid path, the operation might not return.


SFTP Directories

If an SFTP directory does not exist, the data operation will make an attempt to create a directory. This is dependent on server permissions and permissions associated with the user.