Currency Input


The Currency Input Web Control collects numbers according to the format of the selected currency. Numbers are stored using a Variable of type Currency.


Control Properties

Placeholder Text

Expects type text.

Displays the text in the input’s box before the user starts typing. By default, this text only shows if the No Immediate Prefix in Advanced Property is checked.

Aria Label

Expects type text.

Defines a value to the aria-label of the control for accessibility. For more information see here.

Advanced Control Properties

Numeral Thousands Group Style

Expects type number.

Adjusts the style of how numbers are formatted with commas on the input. The default Value is 'thousand' where the value of 1000 will be displayed as 1,000.  This setting has no effect on the raw Value stored.

Numeral Decimal Scale

Expects type number.

Adjusts the level of precision of numbers that can be entered by the number of digits. If the value of 3 is entered, the number of digits that can be entered after the decimal point will be 3. For example, the value of 5.333 could be entered, but not 5.3333.

Numeral Integer Scale

Expects type number.

Adjusts the scale of numbers that can be inputted by the number of digits. For example, if the value of 4 is set, the largest number possible will be 9999.


Sets the Value that is displayed in the input box and is affixed before the number.

Currency Code

Displays a list of currency codes to choose from.This property gets bound to the Data Binding Value when the state of the control changes.

No Immediate Prefix

Disables the Prefix setting, if set, and shows Placeholder Text, if any.

Raw Value Trim Prefix

Trims the Value that was set in Prefix before the number. It only affects the raw Value stored, which is not displayed to the app user.

Right Icon

Allows the display of icons on the right of the input box. The default option “country”, shows the “US” Value.


Determines whether the user's device is allowed to autocomplete the field. Guidance can be provided to the app user's browsing environment by using one of the predetermined autocomplete options.

Data Binding


Expects type currency.

By default, this Data Binding property auto-generates a Variable of type Currency at the Web Page level to store the data from the input. Users can also edit the Data Binding property and create their own Variables.

Style and Layout

The Currency Input has styles for the following states:

  • Default - When first rendered without a state.
  • Focused - When the Currency Input is focused.
  • Disabled - When the Currency Input is disabled.

Check Common style properties of web controls for further details on how to style your Currency Web Control.


On Blur

Triggers when the user leaves the input field. That is, when changing the focus from the field to some other part of the application.

Value Changed

Triggers with each entered number. That is, Value changes every time a key is pressed, unlike a Checkbox, where its Value changes when the box is selected.

On Enter

Triggers upon pressing Enter.

For more information, check out Action Builder to find all the available actions.



Is Visible

Expects type boolean.

If TRUE the currency will be visible. If FALSE the currency will not be displayed. If the field is empty, the currency will be visible.

Is Disabled

Expects type boolean.

If TRUE the currency will be disabled and the user will not be able to interact with the control. If FALSE the currency will be enabled. If the field is empty, the currency will be enabled.


In this example, a Currency Input is set for app users to enter how much they want to donate to a pet shelter.