Text Response Capture


The Text Response Capture is a component of the Chat Bot. It captures keywords when a user replies to a message.

By clicking on the '+' icon next to the new Chat Bot, the Text Response Capture will be displayed as an option to build the Bot.



The first box displays the text that the user will read when receiving the text message from the Chat Bot. The message can include:


To add an existing Variable within the App.

Web Link

To direct the user to their App session.

In the Text Response Capture box there is a Select an Item dropdown from where to pick the Next Message* the user will receive when replying to the first message.

*Next Messages are created as Decision Options.

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In the General tab of the inspector section, the following parameters can be set:

Variable Binding

To bind the data from the captured text to an existing Variable.


To define where to save the control’s inputs.


In the Actions tab of the inspector section, different actions can be set before and after the voice prompt is sent, as well as on capturing a text response.

Before sending chat prompt

The action chain that can be run before a chat prompt is sent. 

After Sending Chat Prompt

The action chain that can be run after a chat prompt is sent. 

On Text Response Capture

The action chain that can be run on the capture of the text response. 


In this example, the user receives a message and is asked to send a response. The App will capture the user’s input and provide an specific answer to it:

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