Run Data Flow

The Run Data Flow Action is a very important action since it triggers any Data Flow on an Event like a Button press or Timer. Data Flows can perform many operations, including making an HTTP request to an external API.



Use Cases

  • To take data that has been entered into a form and run a Data Flow to save it to AirData
  • To run a command against an external API such as Salesforce
  • To send an email to a customer at a specified time using a Timer
  • To validate the content of a user input form


Data Flow

The Data Flow to be executed when this Action runs. Data Flows can be created and managed from Connections Builder.


If the selected Data Flow has Inputs, they will be listed in this property. For each Input to the Data Flow, an Airscript Expression may be provided. The Airscript Expression can be a function whose return type matches the Input's type.

Output Binding

When the selected Data Flow completes, the end result will be stored in the variable in Output Binding.


In this example, after the Data Flow action completes, if the Get Pets by Location Data Flow returns the string "Success!", the variable activityGroup.pets will now contain "Success!".