The function EXP take some number n and returns en.

This function takes a Number as input. It returns another Number: the numerical constant e taken to the power of the given Number.


EXP(n) -> number


n (required, type: Number)
Any Number; this is what e will be taken to the power of.

Return Values

number (type: Number)
The numerical estimation of e raised to the nth power, or en.


The following example calculates a numerical estimation of e1, or simply e. Note that e is an irrational number; the output of this function is an approximation of the value of e rather than an infinite decimal. This should be sufficient for most practical applications, though it can be the source of small rounding errors:

EXP(1) -> 2.718281828459045

The EXP function does not require input in whole numbers. The following example calculates a numerical estimation of e0.5 (otherwise known as the square root of e):

EXP(0.5) -> 1.6487212707001282


The function EXP only takes the constant e to a given power. To calculate any number to a given power, use the POWER function.