AirData Request

The AirData Request Operation provides a mechanism to Read/Write/Update/Delete to and from AirData.

Use Cases

  • To save information requested from a Web Flow in the AirData Builder.
    • Insert a users’ personal information in a CUSTOMER object.
  • To update information requested from a Web Flow’s inputs in the AirData Builder.
    • Update feedback from users in a CSAT object.
  • To query data that is currently in an AirData object.
    • Requesting a list of countries from AirData.

Data Operation Properties

App Object

Dropdown of App Objects, created in AirData Builder, to perform the AirData request on. 


Defines the type of action the AirData Request will perform: 

  • INSERT: to insert a new record to an app object. Allows the ability to control the error if there is a conflict with a constraint set on the AirData App object.
  • PUT: updates the app object if the __id matches, otherwise will insert a new record.
  • PATCH: updates an app object if the __id matches, otherwise will return an error.
  • DELETE: to delete a record from an app object given an __id
  • QUERY: queries data from an app object

Run Results

A Variable is automatically created to hold the results of this Operation. This will be an object describing the result of the operation, as well as the __id of the objects inserted/modified, depending on the request type.