Capture User Response

The Capture User Response Action is used to capture user messages as part of a Conversation Chat Bot. It binds a user's message to a variable for reference downstream.


Enterprise Feature

Accessing Conversation Actions requires an ENTERPRISE license. If you would like to enable this feature for your Airkit Organization, please contact your Airkit representative or contact [email protected].

Use Cases

The Capture User Response Action is similar to the Ask A Question Action, except it does not send a message before waiting for a response. This makes it more suited to:

  • Saving responses to previous Conversation Actions
  • Saving incoming messages meant to kickstart a new topic of conversation after a previous conversation topic was resolved


Save response to

Expects an established variable of the appropriate scope.

This is the variable that the users response will be bound to for future reference.


In this example, the Capture User Response Action binds an incoming user message to the Global Variable response, which was created in the Variable Tree beforehand: