Close Modal


When another Web Flow calls the Open Modal Action, the Web Flow that was opened as a modal must call the Close Modal Action to return to the original Web Flow. The Close Modal Action has a Return Value that can be used to send data back to the original Web Flow.

If the current Web Flow is not being presented as a modal, this Action has no effect.

organizing infoorganizing info

Use Cases

  • A modal where the user must confirm their action to continue
  • A modal to ensure the user accepts Terms & Conditions before continuing
  • A modal to allow the user to create or edit data in a list. For instance, in the GIF below, a modal opens when the user presses the Edit Info button, which allows them to edit their car information:
organizing infoorganizing info

Action Properties

Is Successful

If this is checked, the Return Value field will be available.

An unsuccessful modal can only return NULL.

Return Value

The Open Modal Action has an Output field. That Output field will be set to whatever is specified in this Return Value field.

The Return Value can be a variable, constant, or any Airscript expression.