Genesys Widget Integration

Genesys is a service provider for call centers. Genesys allows you to include additional tools to work with your customers and Airkit has a client for installing Airkit experiences directly into your interface. This document will walk you through installing an Airkit Client into your Genesys system. You must have administrator privileges to your Genesys instance in order to install the Application for your agents.

The App Install

Select Admin from the tools at the top of Genesys dashboard.


Select integrations from the list of Admin options. In the top right corner, click the add integration button.


Search for Airkit from the list of available integrations. Select the Install action and go through the installation wizard.


Getting The Embed

The Airkit Genesys plugging works by embedding an airkit app into a widget. In order to do this, you will need an Airkit Embed. For more information specifically about embeds, check out Airkit Embeds and Airkit Embeds: AirClient Configurable Properties.

To get an embed id, go to Console and select Resources from the items on the left. Under Resources, select Embeds. Select the document icon on the Embed Script column in the table. Paste the script into a text editor. The Embed ID is the first parameter to the createClient() function. It should look something like "REGION:UUID4" like "us:bb6c6da6-6dc5-4127-a094-049cba50e4f5". This is the Embed Id you need for the Airkit Genesys installer.

Organization Id

Each organization in Airkit has a unique identifier. To find your Organization ID, open up any Airkit App in the Studio. In the bottom left of the Builder Bar is your user icon. Click on the User Icon and select "Copy App Info." Paste the copied text into a text editor. Copy the value after "Org Id: ".