The function UPPERCASE takes a string and converts all of the lowercase letters within it into capital letters.

This function takes a single string as input. It outputs another string: the given string with every lowercase letter converted into the capital version of the same letter.


UPPERCASE(base_string) -> upper_case_string



base_string (required, type: string)
Any string.
UPPERCASE will accept any string as valid input, although in order for the output to differ from the input, the base string needs to contain at least one lowercase letter.

Return Values

upper_case_string (type: string)
The string created by changing all lowercase characters in the base string to their uppercase equivalents.


The following example takes the string "This Is 1 String!" and converts all lowercase letters into their uppercase equivalents. Note that the numbers, punctuation, and already uppercase letters are all unaffected: 

UPPERCASE("This Is 1 String!") -> "THIS IS 1 STRING!"