Set Identifier


The Set Identifier Action sets the Journey identifier. Journeys are identified in three different ways.

  • A unique sessionId that is automatically created for each Journey. This cannot be modified.
  • The actor Variable, which is the user's unique phone number.
  • A custom identifier, which can be any Text as specified by this Action.

An identifier is used to uniquely identify a Journey from either an App API or an Event. The Set Identifier Action can only be used for the third type of identifier above, a custom identifier.

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Use Cases

  • Sending a Session Event to a running App
  • Sending a message to a specific user
  • Updating the status of a request from an external system
  • Using a custom ID from your system of record. For instance, a user could be identified based on their Salesforce Contact ID, or their Zendesk ID

Action Properties


The Text value that will be used to uniquely identify a Journey.


This property has two options: Fail and Replace. When the Set Identifier Action is run, and there is an existing Journey with the same identifier that was just specified, these options decide what happens.

If Fail is selected, then this Action does nothing. The existing Journey is not modified, and the Journey that called Set Identifier will not claim the identifier.

If Replace is selected, then the Journey that called Set Identifier takes over the existing Journey's identifier, removing the identifier from the existing Journey, if any.