Analytics Identify

The Analytics Identify Action is used to identify a user in Heap, which is done through Heap's identity API. In order to implement the Analytics Identify Action, access to a Heap account is required, and Heap must be designated the Analytics Provider in Settings.

Once Heap has received a unique identity to associate with a user profile, Heap will keep track of core analytics pertaining to the associated user's Journey through the Airkit app, and their data will be searchable via their designated identity.

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Using in Tandem with Heap

The Analytics Identify Action calls Heap's identify API and provides a user ID. This can be done at any point throughout a user's Journey, but the typical place for an identify call that includes a unique identifier is on any post-login or post-signup page. Pertinent data gathered both before and after the action will be collected and stored under the designated identity.

While there are some similarities between how Heap organizes data and how Airkit uses identifiers to track Actors and their Journeys, Airkit's Journey model is not tied into how Airkit integrates with Heap.  For a more complete discussion of how to conceptualize analytics with Heap, check out their documentation



A string unique to a user, which is define as a user's internal ID in Heap. 

Note that this Identity string does not need to match any identifier used within Airkit. A session ID, for instance, might be unique to a Journey, but it is not necessarily unique to a user, and thus might not be an appropriate internal ID to use within Heap.