The Transportation Products API

The Transportation Products API is used to access a dummy product catalog that contains information regarding fictitious transportation products. It is an App API constructed in Airkit for the purposes of testing and demonstration. It does not display real product information and does not require any authentication.

The Product Object

__idstringThe unique ID tied to the product."2ff0ad20-e7b5-4aef-b40e-762a6d534db0"
product_namestringThe name of the product."Hot Air Balloon"
product_collectionstringThe collection that the product is a part of. Allowed Values: "Basics" or "Ultramodern"."Basics"
product_descriptionstringThe description of the product."Take to the air with the first successful means of human-carrying flight: a wicker basket lifted by an envelope full of heated air!"
priceCurrency ObjectThe price of the product.
price.amountintegerThe number of currency units.92000
price.codestring; Currency CodeThe currency type. Must be a valid Currency Code.0
price.precisionnumberThe number digits to include after the decimal."USD"
invention_dateDate ObjectThe date the product was first patented.
invention_date.yearnumberThe year.1866
invention_day.monthnumberThe month of a year. Indexing begins at 1 for January.11
invention_day.daynumberThe day of a month. Indexing begins at 1.20