Secure Value Retrieval

The Secure Value Retrieval Data Operation is used to retrieve securely entered data via the Secure Text Input Web Control for later use in a Data Flow. This Data Operation input is the secure value collected from an Event on the Secure Text Input Web Control.


Secure data should only be retrieved and used in connections. It should not be returned from a connection. If it is, the end-user client will then have access to it, and the data will no longer be secure.


Use Cases

  • Fetching a password from a password input box
  • Retrieving secure information like a social security number from a user
  • Taking in credit card information

Data Operation Properties

Expects type text.

This Operation only has one property, and it requires the secureValueKey to access the secure value entered in a Secure String Input. This is how the value is set to a property on the Web Page.

organizing info

Then make a call to a connection with that value:

organizing info

Run Results

By default, Airkit creates a variable of type Text called "secureValue" and can then be passed into subsequent operations.