Fetch Asset Details

The Fetch Asset Details Data Operation takes an Asset URI or an Asset Primitive and returns a Detailed Asset. Detailed Assets provide detailed information pertaining to an Asset, such as its file type, size, or download URL. Additionally, there are some Airscript Functions, such as ASSET_TYPE and ASSET_STATE, that require input in the form of a Detailed Asset.

Use Cases

  • Get the download link of a created PDF
  • Get type verification of assets uploaded
  • Determine if an asset has been deleted
  • Fetch the Detailed Asset for use as input in a function that requires the Detailed Asset Type

Data Operation Properties

Wait for Active Asset

If checked, the Data Op will wait for the asset to be fully uploaded to the server before it can be processed.

Asset Primitive or Text

Expects type asset.

Accepts either an Asset URI or an Asset Primitive. To obtain an Asset Primitive, take the Asset URI and use the URI_TO_ASSET() function. 

Asset URI


Asset Primitive

 "organizationId": "",  
 "assetKey": "",  
 "id": "",  
 "version": 0,  
 "visibility": ""  

Run Results

The Data Operation returns a detailedAsset response object if the operation runs successfully. This object will have detailed information, including the download URL, for the asset provided.