Querying an AirData App Object returns the App Object instances that fit the query parameters.

Query Properties

App Object

Expects type object.

Sets which AirData App Object will be queried

Paginate Type

If Limit Offset is selected, limits the number of rows returned from a query and omit a specified number of rows.

Paginate Limit

  • type: int
  • description: Limit the number of pages to return in a query

Paginate Offset

  • type: int
  • default: 0
  • description: Depth into the result set to return

Query Limit

  • type: int
  • default: 100
  • description: Maximum number of results to return in a given page

Data can be queried using the Visual Query Builder as well as the expression editor.

The expression editor allows you to use Airscript to filter the data returned by AirData queries.

Visual Query Builder

Visual Query Builder provides a visual representation of grouping and querying data in AirData.

The query can either be an AND query or an OR query. AND will query all records if all group conditions are TRUE. OR will display records if any of the group conditions are TRUE

When Adding groups, fields can be combined to create more precise filters. For example, the image below represents a query that will return all records where the score = 10 AND returning_customer = true OR score > 8..