Run Event

The Run Event Action is used to trigger Events. Events are convenient ways to run multiple other Actions at once. For instance, if the user enters data in stages throughout the app's Web Flow, you could make an Event that saves the data and logs a metric at each step.


Use Cases

  • Encapsulate multiple Actions into one to simplify the Action flow. For instance, an App could trigger an email, metric event, and a "Confirmation" Web Flow on a button press by using an event that triggers those Actions.
  • Reuse common Action groups across the app. For instance, an "Escalate to Agent" Event could open a Web Flow, trigger a metric, and make a Zendesk ticket. This Event could be used on different buttons or other triggers throughout the App to easily run those Actions without having to manually create them each time.
    • This is especially useful if an Action group needs to be changed later on. If the Actions are part of an Event, changing the Actions in the Event page will change them everywhere in the app. This avoids having to go through the app and manually change multiple Actions.



The Event that will be run when this Action is executed.

Note: Only 2 types of events can be triggered by the Run Event Action:

  • Session Events
  • Activity Group Events that are in the same Activity Group as the Action


If the Event has any Variables in it, they can be optionally set and passed to the event.


In this example, a Run Event Action is triggered when pressing the Button Control and, since it has inputs, in this instance, they can be passed through their corresponding Variables: