Run Answer Flow

The Run Answer Flow Action is used to send users to an Answer Flow as part of a Conversation Chat Bot.


Enterprise Feature

Accessing Conversation Actions requires an ENTERPRISE license. If you would like to enable this feature for your Airkit Organization, please contact your Airkit representative or contact [email protected].

Use Cases

The Run Answer Flow Action is most typically used to direct users from one Answer Flow to another, allowing for the creation of dynamic conversations that:

  • Perform different tasks based on user input
  • Direct users to provide only relevant information based on what they are looking to accomplish
  • Ask users follow-up questions only as needed


Answer Flow

Expects type text. This text will correspond to an Answer Flow that has been defined in the Answer Flows Builder. All created Answer Flows will be available for selection in the dropdown menu.

This is the Answer Flow that the user will be directed to.


In this example, the Run Answer Flow Action is used in tandem with the Condition Action in order to send users to the Respond 'no' Answer Flow if the user replied to an earlier question with some variant of the word "no". Otherwise, the user will be directed to the Respond with anything else Answer Flow:

Note how the LOWERCASE function is used to modify the user's previous response, which has been stored stored as session.response. This allows users to see the same behavior if they enter "NO", "no", or "No" as their response.