The function SIGN outputs 1 when given a positive number, -1 when given a negative number, and 0 when given 0.

This function takes a single Number as input. It returns another Number: 1 if the given number is positive number, -1 if it's negative, and 0 if it's 0. 


SIGN(number) -> sign



number (required, type: Number)
The number to check the sign of.

Return Values

sign (type: Number)
This indicates if the given number is positive, negative, or zero.
1 means the given number is positive, -1 means it's negative, and 0 means it's 0.


The following example returns 1 because 44.5 is positive:

SIGN(44.5) -> 1

The following example returns -1 because -5 is negative:

SIGN(-5) -> -1

The following example demonstrates what SIGN returns when given the number 0, which is neither positive or negative:

SIGN(0) -> 0