Download Encoded Asset

The Download Encoded Asset Data Operation allows Data Flows to encode files that live or have been created in the application into base64. This encoding schema is used to transfer data over media, allowing it to stay unchanged during the process.

Use Cases

  • Compress a media file to pass an encoded asset to an end user


  • Current Limit Size: 5000000 bytes (5MB)

Data Operation Properties

Asset Primitive

Expects type asset or type text

Accepts either an Asset URI or an Asset Primitive. To obtain an Asset Primitive, take the Asset URI and use the URI_TO_ASSET() function. 

Asset URI


Asset Primitive

 "organizationId": "",  
 "assetKey": "",  
 "id": "",  
 "version": 0,  
 "visibility": ""  

Run Results

It returns an asset encoded into base64 as the Output.