Analytics Send Event

The Analytics Send Event Action is used to send a JSON object to an external analytics platform, such as Heap or Google Tag Manager. First, the external analytics platform should be set up from Settings, under Analytics. This makes it possible for external analytics platforms to track and examine data pertinent to specific, unique use cases.

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Use Cases

  • To log information, like the response a user gave to survey questions
  • To log specific user interactions, such as the number of times a particular button was pushed
  • To log exceptional events like "Customer ended their session in the 'Choose Car' Page of the Tow Truck Flow without specifying a car"


Event Name

A string that names the logged event.

Event Properties

A JSON object that will be sent, along with the Event Name, to the external analytics platform.

Format of the sent JSON object

The JSON object sent to the external analytics platform will be in the following form:

    "event": Event_Name,
    "properties": Event_Properties

Where Event_Name and Event_Properties correspond to the Action Properties defined above.

The external analytics platform will likely expect JSON objects with particular properties; check the documentation of the analytics platform you're using for a deeper understanding of the formatting it can parse and how it might be customized.