The Email Data Type is a type of string that contains a properly-formatted email address, made up from a local-part, the '@' symbol, and a domain.

Note that a "properly-formatted" email address is not necessarily an "existing" email address. See the Examples section for further discussion.


The Email Data Type is a subcategory of the Text Data Type. Like the Text Data Type, it is delineated by quotation marks. It must also take the form of an email address, consisting of a local-part, the '@' symbol, and a domain.


The Email Data Type can be used to send emails by way of the Send Email Data Operation. It can also be used to set a value for, allowing the Actor to be initialized with the capacity to receive Email Notifications.

Under the hood, the ISEMAIL function is used to determine if a user has given a valid Email Data Type. For instance, the following example takes the string "[email protected]" and checks to see if it is a validly formatted email address. It is:

ISEMAIL("[email protected]") -> TRUE

While the characters in the domain need to be of the correct type in order for ISMAIL to recognize the given input as a validly-formatted email address, they don't need to be meaningful. Indiscriminate keyboard mashing is a valid domain and even top-level domain, as long as the only characters entered within them are letters, numbers, and hyphens. The content of the username is even less discerning: most symbols, including underscores and exclamation marks, are allowed in a validly-formatted email address:

ISEMAIL("kads_jfl^*[email protected]") -> TRUE