Conversation Transcript

The Conversation Transcript Data Operation is used to pull the full transcript of a Conversation.


Enterprise Feature

This Data Operation requires an ENTERPRISE license. If you would like to enable this feature for your Airkit Organization, please contact your Airkit representative or contact [email protected].

Use Cases

  • Refer to information that users have given, even if that information was not bound to a local variable.
  • Use in tandem with the Find Conversations by Customer Identifier Data Operation to:
    • Look up previous Conversations with a user so as to reference their earlier responses, preventing the same user from being asked the same questions repeatedly.
    • Look up previous Conversations with a user in order analyze trends in how they tended to interact with the Conversation Chat Bots.
    • Look up previous Conversations so as to confirm that an e-commerce client has not exceeded the allowed number of return requests on purchased items.

Data Operation Properties


Expects type Text. This text should correspond to the identifier that a Conversation got assigned upon being initialized; this identifier will be stored under channels.message.conversationId in the relevant Session.

This property defines the Conversation that the Conversation Transcript Data operation will return the transcript of.

Run Results

By default, Airkit stores the output of this Data Operation in an auto-created variable called conversation that can then be passed into subsequent operations. This variable will contain the transcript of the designated Conversation.


Referenced Conversations must occur in deployment.

Unlike most Data Operations, the Conversation Transcript Data Operation cannot be run without referring to a deployed application. Before you can test any instance of this Data Operation, it must be able to refer to a published Conversation Chat Bot. For more on how to publish a Conversation Chat Bot, see Configuring Conversation Chat Bots.