The function ASSET_SIZE takes a Detailed Asset and returns the size of the Asset in bytes.

This function takes a Detailed Asset as input. It returns a Number: the size of the Asset in bytes.


ASSET_SIZE(detailed_asset) -> size



detailed_asset (required, type: Detailed Asset)
Any Detailed Asset.
Note that a Detailed Asset is a subcategory of an Asset, and that the ASSET_SIZE function will not accept a general Asset as input, only a Detailed Asset.

Return Values

thumbnail_url(type: Number)

The size of the given Detailed Asset in bytes.


Assume the example has access to the following Detailed Asset, detailed_asset:

detailed_asset -> {  
 "id": "9d65de10-e1d5-4439-93c1-70434bec96a0",  
 "assetKey": "dc3ea11e-a294-40db-b47d-d3891d850710",  
 "organizationId": "15a00ea3-6980-48ea-8e8c-651ddff1f0bf",  
 "displayName": "placekitten.jpeg",  
 "description": null,  
 "type": "image/jpeg",  
 "size": 6483,  
 "version": 0,  
 "expiration": 600000,  
 "visibility": "GLOBAL",  
 "state": "ACTIVE",  
 "scope": "APP",  
 "region": "us-west-2",  
 "createdTime": "2021-12-15T00:44:50.459Z",  
 "modifiedTime": "2021-12-15T00:44:52.076Z",  
 "deletedTime": null,  
 "validationErrors": null,  
 "extraInfo": null,  
 "downloadUrl": "",  
 "thumbnailUrl": ""  

The following example takes the Detailed Asset defined above and returns its size. Note that this matches the value of the size property given above:

ASSET_SIZE(detailed_asset) -> 6483