Querying an AirData App Object returns the App Object instances that fit the query parameters.


This feature is deprecated. Use the QUERY AirData Request instead.

The DEPRECATED_QUERY AirData Request is in the process of being replaced with the QUERY AirData Request.

DEPRECATED_QUERY designates query parameters with an expression editor, while QUERY uses the Visual Query Builder that allows for filter nesting.

Query Properties


Expects type object.

Sets the criteria of the query.


If checked, limits the number of rows returned from a query and omit a specified number of rows.

Paginate Limit

  • type: int
  • description: Limit the number of pages to return in a query

Paginate Offset

  • type: int
  • default: 0
  • description: Depth into the result set to return

Query Limit

  • type: int
  • default: 100
  • description: Maximum number of results to return in a given page

Data can be queried using the Expression Editor.