The ACOT function returns the arccotangent of a number.

This function takes a single Number as input. It outputs that Number's inverse cotangent in radians.


ACOT(number) -> arccotangent



number (required, type: Number)
The number to calculate the arccotangent of.

Return Values

arccotangent (type: Number)
The arccotangent of the given number, in radians. 


The following example returns the arccotangent of 0.5. This is given as a numerical estimation of the angle in radians:

ACOT(0.5) -> 1.1071487177940904

To calculate the arctangent in degrees, the ACIT function must be used in tandem with the DEGREES function, such as in the following example:

DEGREES(ACOT(0.5)) -> 63.43494882292201