Start Conversation

The Start Conversation Action is used to create a Conversation that can be displayed in an Airkit-managed Resource, such as a Chat Web Control. Unlike Conversation Chat Bots, this Conversation is not associated with any sort of internally-managed Conversation flow. Rather, this Action is meant to define a way for third-party systems, like Amelia AI or a Salesforce Relays, to begin the Conversation.


Enterprise Feature

Accessing Conversation Actions requires an ENTERPRISE license. If you would like to enable this feature for your Airkit Organization, please contact your Airkit representative or contact [email protected].

Use Cases

The Conversations created by the Start Conversation Action provide a way for third-party systems to send the first message in a Conversation. Use it if you want external chat management platforms such as

to initiate and manage Conversation flow from the beginning.


Resource ID

Expects a Conversation Hub Channel Resource.

Conversation Hub Channel Resource are configured under Settings > Conversations. These resources must be associated with a Conversation Hub in the Console before they can be configured inside an application.

Customer Destination

Expects type Text or Phone.

The address of the external Chat source. If the Conversation will take place via a Chat Web Control, the Customer Destination will be the corresponding Session ID. If the Conversation will take place via SMS, the Customer Destination will be the user's phone number.

Customer Identifier

Expects type Text.

This optional field is used to assign the end user an identifier that can be manually referenced downstream.

Create conversation in integrated 3rd party systems

Expects type Boolean.

When this box checked, the created Conversation will be automatically managed by 3rd-party system. This box is checked by default.


In this example, a Start Conversation Action is configured such that a Conversation is created as soon as a user begins a Session. Note how the the Start Conversation Action is fired on the Session Started Event:

The Deployment ID points to an Answer Group Management App that has been configured in Settings and is thus available under the profile namespace. The Customer Destination is defined by, which indicates that the Conversation will take place in a Chat Web Control incorporated into this very app.