QR Code

The QR Code Web Control displays a QR code with the content of your chosing.


Control Properties


Expects type text.

Text encapsulated by string quotes. Typically a URL directing the user to a website.

Alt Text

Expects type text.

Alternative text encapsulated by string quotes. Used for accessibility purposes to describe the content of the QR code to the user.

Aria Label

Expects type text.

Defines a value to the aria-label of the control for accessibility. For more information see here.

Style and Layout

Check Common style properties of web controls for further details on how to style this Control.



Is Visible

Expects type boolean.

If TRUE the Control will be visible. If FALSE the control will not be displayed. If the field is empty, the control will be visible.


The QR Code Web Control allows users to quickly scan and access a URL. This URL can be a website or link to another Journey.