The Wait Data Operation The Wait Data Operation

The Wait Data Operation

Elliot Fiske Elliot Fiske


The Wait Data Operation delays a Data Flow for the specified number of seconds. It can be used when a delay is required by an external service, or to rate-limit certain actions like outgoing emails.

Use Cases

  • Wait for a long-running external API process to complete before continuing a Data Flow.
  • If an error occurs when using an external API, wait 10 seconds before retrying.
  • When sending many emails, wait for 1 second between each one to avoid being marked as spam.

Data Operation Properties

Duration in Seconds

A Number specifying how many seconds to wait. This must be a whole number.

Duration cannot be lower than 1, and cannot be higher than 60.


If the duration is valid, the Wait Data Operation will wait for the given number of seconds, then return an object with "success" as true. If the duration is invalid, the operation will return a message describing why the duration is invalid.

Further Reading

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