The Fetch Asset Details Data Operation The Fetch Asset Details Data Operation

The Fetch Asset Details Data Operation

Zack Cohen Zack Cohen


The Fetch Asset Details Data Operation gets details about any Asset Data Type. It is most commonly used to fetch information on an asset including the downloadUrl

Use Cases

  • Get the download link of a created PDF.
  • For type verification of assets uploaded.
  • To determine if an asset has been deleted.

Data Operation Properties

Asset Primitive

This is an Asset Data Type object for which you want the full details. Using URI_TO_ASSET() it is possible to take an asset:// URI and get the asset resource back. 


The data operation returns a detailedAsset response object if the operation runs successfully. This object will have detailed information, including the download URL, for the asset provided.

Further Reading

For more information on Asset, check out The Asset Data Type. For information on how to remove an asset, review The Delete Assets Data Operation to remove the zip file once created. 

For more general information on working with assets, review Working with Assets in Data Operations.

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