Date Picker Web Control Date Picker Web Control

Date Picker Web Control

Zack Cohen Zack Cohen


Use the Date Picker web control to collect a specific date from the user. 


Control Details

Date Picker Layout

How many days should the date picker present at one time. Options are:

  • 1 Week
  • 2 Weeks
  • 1 Month


Determine whether a user selects a single day or a range of days.

Date Range

Select the range that the user is allowed to pick.

  • all - allow both dates in the past and the future to be selected.
  • past - allow only dates in the past to be selected.
  • future - allow only dates in the future to be selected.

Data Binding

The Date control binds to date for a singleDate, or to a start and end date for a range of days.


Value Changed

This action chain is triggered whenever the user selects a date in the picker.


Date Picker is a compound component. To style each of the components, select the item from the Calendar Variant list in the General tab in the Inspector. Each control will have its own layout properties.


 Using a date picker to select a date for a future home inspection:


 Add the date control to a web flow. Set the date picker layout to two weeks and make sure the Period is set to singleDate. Date range must be set to Future. 

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