The Date Variable Data Type The Date Variable Data Type

The Date Variable Data Type

Adam Evans Adam Evans
The Date Airkit type is used to represent a calendar date. A Date consists of
three numbers representing a year, month, and day. The year is represented
directly, for example 2021 represents the year 2021. The month is a Number
ranging from one to twelve. One represents January, whereas twelve represents
December. The day represents which day in the calendar month the date occurs
on starting from one, in other words a day with the value 1 represents the
first day of that month.

Dates can be created using the DATE function which takes the year, month, and
day as arguments. For example a Date for September 18th, 2017 can be created by
calling the Date function with the arguments 2017, 9, 18 respectively.
DATE(2017, 9, 18)