The ZIP File Data Operation The ZIP File Data Operation

The ZIP File Data Operation

Zack Cohen Zack Cohen


The Zip File Data Operation is used to compress or more files into one compressed file for transmission. The resulting zip file will be compressed and generally smaller and therefore take less time to transmit.

Use Cases

  • Compress a PDF file for transmission.
  • Combine a couple of Assets into one common file for an archive.

Data Operation Properties

Files to zip

This is an array of Assets to be combined into one compressed zip file asset.

Zip Filename

This is the filename to create in the resulting operation. It can be any expression that evaluates to string.

Asset Settings

Asset settings control the visibility of the created Asset. Check out The Asset Data Type documentation for further information on asset visibility and the available options.

Further Reading

For more information Asset, check out The Asset Data Type. For information on how to remove an asset, review The Delete Assets Data Operation to remove the zip file once created. 

For more general information on working with assets, review Working with Assets in Data Operations.