The XML to JSON Data Operation The XML to JSON Data Operation

The XML to JSON Data Operation

Elliot Fiske Elliot Fiske


The XML to JSON Data Operation converts a Text value containing XML to JSON. It is commonly used if an API returns XML, because most operations in Airkit (such as AirData) use JSON.


Use Cases

  • Take an XML response from a SOAP API and convert it to JSON.
  • Take HTML input and convert it to JSON to easily log or manipulate it.

Data Operation Properties

Input Value

A Variable in the current Data Flow. This Variable must be of Text type.

Note that the input must be well-formed XML. For an introduction to XML, read Mozilla's XML Introduction.

Run Results

An automatically created Variable to hold the result of this Operation.

Further Reading

To start using Airscript to parse data to fit your needs, read Airscript Quick Start.

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