Data Operation Overview Data Operation Overview

Data Operation Overview

Chandra Bergmann Chandra Bergmann

Data Operations are the building blocks that make up Data Flows. If Data Flows are like functions – they take in input, process it, and return the resulting output – then Data Operations are fundamental operations those functions can call on. Data Operations take input, perform actions, and return output, which can itself be used as input for downstream Data Operations. The details regarding what input a Data Operation requires, precisely how it behaves, and what out output it returns are highly customizable, and vary depending on the particular Data Operation.

List of Data Operations

Data Processing


Use Airscript to reformat, modify, or search through Data.

Calendar Search

Search a calendar for the next available window.

Data Buffer

For creating a byte length specified line of text.


Pause the operation for a specified time.


Convert HTML into a formatted PDF.


Convert an XML document into a JSON document.

Swagger Schema Validation

Use a Swagger Schema to check the validity of a data packet.

Data Requests

HTTP Request

Send HTTP requests and get responses.

Run Data Flow

Call another Data Flow.

AirData Request

Send or receive data from AirData


Sending files via the SFTP protocol


Journey Mapping

Used to map a Journey to either a new or an existing Journey.

Run Journey Event

Execute a journey event for a specified journey.


Zapier Service

Make a call to the existing zap on Zapier.


Make a request to external Zendesk Integration.


Make a request to external Salesforce Integration.


Make a request to external Google Integration.


Make a request to external Stripe Integration.


Send Emails

Send an email.

Security & Encryption

PGP Encryption

Encrypt a document with PGP encryption.

Secure Value Retrieval

Getting data from a secure string input.

Files & Assets

Zip File

Compress a file or files for sending.

Create File

Create a file asset.

Asset Identifier to Download URL (Deprecated)

Convert an asset Identifier to a download URL. This data operation is now deprecated.

Merge PDF

Merge multiple PDFs together.

Fill PDF Form

Given a PDF and data, merge the data into a PDF.

Fetch Asset Details

Get information for a specified asset, including a download URL.

Delete Assets

Remove an asset.

Download Encoded Asset

Download an encoded asset.